Custom solutions across the stack, delivered with style. Check out my portfolio page and resume, and get in touch if you would like to hire me.

About me!

I am a Physics PhD graduate now working in the technology sector. I work mostly with Python and the Django framework, but also have skills in data-mining (Scrapy) and heavy-duty scientific computing in C++. I am currently open to hiring opportunities so check out my portfolio and also my resume.

  • Affordable rates delivered on time.
  • Quality code delivered with an aesthetic shine!
  • Check out my portfolio pics.
  • Socially integrate your website.
  • Native english speaker available by Skype.

Solutions from the front to the back of the stack.

Along with my colleague Joe at Logicon we have your web programming needs covered. Need a database driven Django site? Need to mine some data? Gather data from an API and analyze the results? All this and more, delivered in a stylish and responsive design that will really make your site a cut above the rest.