Python interface to the API.

The purpose of this project was to gather data on all poker oppenents of a custom group on sharkscope.

This was a three stage process:

  1. We needed to collect all tournament IDs played by our group over a given date range.
  2. For each tournament ID, we needed to gather the names of all players who had entered the tournament. This was our target name pool.
  3. For each player in the name pool, we made requests for a set of vital statistics.

The statistics were formatted stored in an XML format, which could be incoporated easily into the notes file used by some major poker sites to give the player in-game statistics about their opponents.  Player notes were colour coded based on the strength of the player. Also some statistics were generated for the group of players as a whole.

Python interface to sharkscope poker API and other associated tools.

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