Revamped Django driven website for a nano-brewery in California.

This site uses a stylish one-page-responsive design, and is driven by django allowing the client to easily add new beers from the admin (picture, vital stats and description, growler available, featured). These beers then propagate onto a stylish chalkboard list on the index page from the back-end database, and each beer has its own 'detail page'.

We also incorporated a mini-CMS into the admin of this site, allowing the client to manage features of the homepage directly and easily from the admin panel of the site. This included such things as changing the section headers, menu headers and the content of various free-form text areas.

Our client wanted something better than the usual Facebook 'Like box', and we were happy to meet his expectations with a custom built and styled facebook feed for the contact area. This feed utilises the python-sdk to poll the facebook graph-api.

Other APIs that were consumed included: Untappd, Twitter, Foursquare (ticker feed), Google Calender (upcoming events on homepage), and Square Payments (this ensured that the product prices in the local database are synced with those from square payments, using square as the authority). These APIs are polled using Celery to control the periodic scraping tasks. Mailchimp was also used to provide a mailing list facility for the site.

AJAX is used on the site's /taplist (this page is displayed constantly behind the bar of the brewery to the customers) to continually update the chalkboard list of beers to reflect changes in the database.

At the back-end the site features a highly customised admin area, and a sophisticated keg management interface suitable for drag-and-drop touch screen use (e.g. on an iPad behind the bar). Custom cookies middleware was also written to enforce more strictly the Are you 21? page check.

Stylish one-page-responsive design for django driven nano-brewery website.

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