Django and Scrapy driven sports arbitrage site.

Python interface to sharkscope poker API and other associated tools.

Clandestine brewing

Stylish one-page-responsive design for django driven nano-brewery website.


A Mezzanine theme with a one-page-responsive design, so it works well on all your devices. Use the contact form to get in touch and buy the theme now.


New e-commerce website that offers a full range of pet supplies using Iceberg Marketplace technology.


Django driven task management website.

Evo Pricing

This work involved building a smart Scrapy spider that was trainable via a Django web GUI. It allows a semi-technical user (XPATH/JSONPATH knowledge) to configure the spider for different retail target sites, including the dynamic creation of database schema to store data on a per-target basis, custom loading functions and error emailing triggers. It handles targets that use AJAX, pagination and even deals with JSON responses.