AirVPN is a great VPN service that works on many platforms including linux. If you are using their client on linux, you may have found yourself annoyed having to enter your admin password each time you launch the client. There is a way to get around this in linux.

Create 'airvpn' group and add your user to it

sudo groupadd airvpn
sudo useradd -G airvpn lee

assuming my user is called 'lee'

Now edit to sudoers file

We edit the sudoers file to allow members of the 'airvpn' group to execute the airvpn binary as sudo without being prompted for a password

sudo visudo

then add the line

%airvpn ALL=(root) NOPASSWD:/usr/bin/airvpn

assuming the airvpn binary is at /usr/bin/airvpn (check this with which airvpn). You may possibly need to restart or logout/login at this point.

Edit the launcher to use sudo when executing airvpn

The airvpn launcher doesn't run the binary as sudo by default, so we need to change that. Open /usr/share/applications/AirVPN.desktop and change the execution command line to

Exec=sudo /usr/bin/airvpn

Now the next time you launch airvpn using this launcher it should no longer prompt for password.

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