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Quickly setup multiple pane and multiple window sessions in your terminal

For a while now, I've been using Byobu to manage my terminal sessions. It is essentially a wrapper for tmux (or alternatively screen), allowing you to split your terminal into multiple panes, multiple windows and "detatch" from the terminal without killing the session (i.e. to leave some long-running ...

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Get google plus or facebook avatars with python-social-auth

The python-social-auth app uses pipelines to help developers add in their own functions during association, authentication and disconnection of users. If you have a user profile model associated with your user model and want to grab the google-plus or facebook avatars and save them to your model, it is possible ...

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Signing a user in (initial step in Hybrid flow) and out of your site with Google-plus

How to sign-out a user who has logged into your with Google-plus. This is tricker than you might expect when the sign-out is to be done a page where you don't want to include the magical Google sign-in button (e.g. a user profile page with a logout link on it say). If you just call the `gapi.auth.signOut()` function nothing happens. I talk through a few ways of implementing this signout in these cases. Read more

Comparing google-plus sign-in flows and OAuth 2.0

In this post I compare the google-plus sign-in flows such as client-side, pure server-side and hybrid flows with the OAuth 2.0 grant types Autherization Code and Implicit. Read more